A quality oriented specialty color chemical enterprise.


To offer eco-friendly chemicals, promoting human welfare & sustainable development.


Focus on the color chemical industry, achieve a win-win solution for society, enterprises and employees.


To be a leading brand of global specialty color chemical industry.


Self discipline

Our employees are highly self-disciplined in thought and action, and will persevere and work hard to achieve their own or the company's goals. At the same time, our team is honest and trustworthy, and will give all customers the most reliable service.


The company is our family away from home and we respect our staff as a vital member of the family. The staff will respect the customers and make commitment to the company’s success when they are respected. We encourage open dialogue and participative management to foster teamwork.

Live and learn

Our company’s growth is the best solution to the benefit of customers, staffs, suppliers and the community we live. We have sustainable growth plan. Based on our daily efforts in looking for new opportunities, facing challenges and making adjustments, forming a learning organization to improve ourselves, encouraging innovations to maximize customers’ satisfaction, we’ll achieve the growth.


We require our employees to be innovative, not only in the way of working, but also in the way of thinking. Always maintain an attitude of daring to innovate and constantly climb to new peaks.